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"If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm." ~ Bruce Barton


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The last day of the school year for students in grades K - 11 is June 8, 2017.  Graduation for the Class of 2017 will be June 7, 2017.

Special Subjects

Senkow Elementary Music


Senkow continues to offer general music, concert band, concert orchestra, and additional opportunities for our district's best performers at the UDAEF Gala in January.  Primary grades (1-2) focus on developing their singing voices and learning rhythmic accuracy through movement games, vocal exploration games, and reaction training. Third grade begins recorder study along with the skills introduced in the primary grades. The emphasis in third grade is tone production, articulation, ensemble playing, and basic music reading. In 4th and 5th grade, students will progress through a rhythmically intensive program designed to prepare for the Winter Concert. Additionally, they study dancing, writing, and performing subdivided and syncopated rhythms while using mallet percussion for ensemble performance. General music classes focus on movement, cooperation, multi-cultural music and instrumentation, and basic notation and staff reading.  Younger grades focus more on exploration of the voice and with sound, while older grades focus more on performance techniques and applied musicianship.  All students are exposed to playing instruments, singing, dancing, and learning about the cultural and historical significance of music. We truly appreciate the continued support of the community as we enhance the students’ love of musicianship. 


Senkow is fortunate to practice and perform under the tutelage of Rachel Brown. The Senkow Orchestra combines advanced musicians from both the Senkow Concert Band and the String Orchestra. Students meet once a week for a total of 70 minutes. Students practice as a full orchestra for a 40-minute block and 30 minutes for a sectional rehearsal. The sacrifice is great as our students are committed to performing at their highest level and practice during lunch periods to perfect their craft.

Silver Star Chorus

4th and 5th grade students at Senkow make-up the chorus led by Christopher LaBonde. Every student is encouraged to participate and is comprised of non-auditioned students. Many of our singers perform in various community groups in addition to the Senkow Chorus. We are proud of the commitment of the 4th and 5th grade students!


The Senkow Library is a student-centered place where the imagination can wonder. Students visit the library during their assigned specials block on A Day or B Day and check out books weekly.  The library's goal is to empower our learners to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers skillful researchers, and ethical users of information and technology.  READ!  READ! READ!
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Mrs. Roberts shares her talents with both Senkow and Charles Kelly. Her passion and amazing talent allows our students to explore their artistic abilities. The elementary art programs focuses on elements and principles of design while introducing students to famous artists, cultures, and interdisciplinary parallels. Students discover art forms such as drawing, painting, collage, printing, ceramics, sculpture and more through a variety of modalities. Assessment is based on the students’ mastery of the skills learned, appropriate use of materials, and creativity appropriate to their developmental level. The goal is to encourage a passion and respect of the various mediums and originality of a piece. Students’ artwork is displayed throughout the building to celebrate the many talents they possess. Additionally, the students participate in the annual district wide Art Festival each year.


Health and Physical Education

Senkow provides students a balance of activities to promote a healthy school environment. Through our Health and Physical Education curriculum our students learn the importance of physical activity and reasons for making healthy choices when eating meals. Mr. Binck will be working with a select group of 4th and 5th grade students to compete in the Marine Corp. Physical Fitness Competition in May.  Fitness teams from all of the elementary schools will compete in the event.

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